About Neumann Engineering Ltd

Neumann Engineering provides specialized FRP project support for processes and projects which require composite equipment and piping.

Neumann Engineering is a private 3 generations company which is in the market since 1960.

The company was founded in 1960 by Mr. Ernst Neumann as a large fabrication facility mainly for FRP tanks and pipes including special divisions for marine and aerospace products.

The fabrication facility was shut down in 2000 and since that time the company concentrates in worldwide consulting, supervision and project support using its vast knowledge and experience which assure success to our customers.

Today the company is managed by son Daniel Neumann, with Danny’s sons Ofer Neumann, Eyal Neumann and Amir Neumann who have also been in this special business for more than 20 years.

Neumann Engineering is active all around the globe.

DANIEL NEUMANN General Manager
Engineering & Supervision
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Engineering & Supervision
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Engineering & Supervision
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IT & Supervision
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More than 55 years experience in composites and FRP
By 3 generations of the Neumann family

Since 1960