Activity range and Project support

Neumann Engineering provides wide range of services as per the specific customers needs.
The main activities are:

For general customers and projects

  • Design of FRP products and thermoplastic tanks and pipes and Other equipment.
  • Issuing of specifications for FRP equipment including design criteria, definition of raw materials, fabrication and construction.
  • Quality control and quality assurance specification.
  • Supervision and inspection during fabrication and installation.
  • Vendor assessment and approval.
  • Testing of material properties.
  • Failure analysis restoration activities.
  • Pipe joint leak test using special equipment from DN900 up to DN2500

For Fabricators and Contractors:

  • Setting up of fabrication line.
  • Site facility set up.
  • Training of FRP workers.
  • Product Development.
  • Set Up of Quality assurance.
  • Inspection & Tests.

Equipment Supply or Distributorship:

  • Supply of pipes for projects (sub-contracting).
  • Supply of FRP tanks and other FRP equipment (subcontracting).
  • Design and supply of GRP pultruded structures and platforms.
  • Design and development of cartridge filter pressure housing

Manufacturing process - Standards - Tests - Supervision - Inspection

Neumann Engineering supports customer needs relating to Products and manufacturing process, as per the relevant standards and all required tests and inspections :